Faculty Spotlight: Meet Jane Wells

Faculty Spotlight: Meet Jane Wells

What Classes Professor Wells Teaches

ACC201, ACC202, ACC301, ACC302, and an IFRS course

Favorite Class to Teach

Professor Wells’ favorite class to teach is ACC201, Financial Accounting, because she loves meetings students that come from diverse backgrounds. She also loves learning about what students think Accounting is before they took her class.

Best Advice for taking her Class

Always stay up to date on material so you do not fall behind. You can have success in class if you study the right way and ask questions anytime you are confused.

Why Professor Wells’ Chose to be a Professor

Her dad was someone who inspired her to be in the Accounting field. He was a man who saw no boundaries. Professor Wells worked at a CPA Firm for seven years. She taught CPE Courses at the Kentucky Society of CPAs. This led her to be a part-time professor at UK. Teaching students is what makes her happy!

Favorite Restaurant in Lexington


UK Football or UK Basketball?

UK Football is her favorite!

What she did during her Quarantine

She spent her quarantine at her condo in South Carolina at the lake.


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