Faculty Spotlight: Meet Holly Hapke

Faculty Spotlight: Meet Professor Holly Hapke

What classes Professor Hapke has taught:

MKT300: Marketing Management, MKT330: Promotional Management, MKT410: Personal Selling, MKT430: Services Marketing Management, and MKT435: International Marketing.

Favorite class to teach:

Professor Hapke loves teaching MKT435. This is an international marketing class. She was able to take students abroad to Germany, Iraq, and Brazil in order to study the principles of marketing.

Best advice for taking her class:

Marketing Management is a class required to take if you are a Gatton student. Professor Hapke is the only professor who teaches this class. Her best advice for her students is to be present. The topics will seem overwhelming at first, however, if you stay up to date with material you will be just fine!

Why Professor Hapke chose to be a professor:

Professor Hapke decided to become a professor after being presented the opportunity to teach a capstone class at a liberal arts college while she was the Director of Marketing at a Community Bank. After that, her family moved to Tennesse where she got her real estate licenses. She missed teach and then the opportunity presented itself again, landing herself a position in the Gatton School of Business and Economics.

UK Football or UK Basketball?

UK Football, because she has so many players in her classes!

Favorite restaurant in Lexington:


What she did during her summer:

Over the summer, Professor Hapke spent her time remodeling her son’s room into a teenage dorm room!

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