Addison Childs: Breeders’ Cup

Internship Spotlight: Addison Childs

This week our internship spotlight is focused on Addison Childs, a senior Marketing and Management double major from Louisville, Kentucky! Addison is currently working as an intern for Ticketing and Customer Service with the Breeders’ Cup 2020, hosted by Keeneland in Lexington, Kentucky. In this role, she is responsible for issuing refunds to the ticket holders of Breeders’ Cup 2020. Her and her team do this by personally calling each ticket holder, entering their information into their ticketing system, and issuing their refund. Throughout this process, Addison is “developing and providing the best customer service experience in hopes of making the refund process as prompt and painless as possible.”

We were able to get the inside scoop from Addison about how she found her internship, what she loves about it, what she has learned from it, and more! Keep reading to see what she has to say about her time working with Breeders’ Cup 2020.

How did you find and secure your internship?

I was given the link to apply for this internship from my Sports Marketing Professor, Dr. Scott Kelley, who sent the link to his classes and I applied to the internship. I went in for an interview back in January, which is when Stephanie and I started to talk about my schedule and if I was able to start working for Breeders’ Cup that semester, unfortunately my schedule did not allow for a large enough break to go into the office for a shift. We kept in touch and I expressed to Stephanie how I would love to come back in August and start with Breeders’ Cup, so we did just that and I started in August.

How does your internship relate to your future career goals?

This internship provides me with a dense variety of what to expect in the corporate world, especially in dealing with customers and providing them with the best customer experience possible. My internship has also given me the best foundation in dealing with unique circumstances (COVID) and how to properly deal with that.

What is one new skill you have learned on the job?

While I have strengthened many skills during the internship from teamwork to time management, what I have truly learned more about is the horse racing industry. Being from Kentucky, I had a slight knowledge of horses and horse racing. During the past two months, I have been exposed to industry experts which has been enlightening and a tremendous learning experience.

What has been your favorite part of your position so far?

Having the opportunity to work at Keeneland in the Lexington/Kentucky Room for two weeks while processing refunds has been a notable experience with a beautiful view. Though unprecedented and unfortunate effects of the pandemic have presented new challenges for Breeders’ Cup as a whole, I have thoroughly enjoyed my internship and the “outside the box” learning experience I’ve had watching how Breeders’ Cup has thoughtfully handled business operations and developed ways to present their event as never before.

What are you most looking forward to during the remainder of your internship?

I am looking forward to attending the Breeders’ Cup under these unique circumstances and seeing what that experience will be like. I am also looking forward to gaining an immense amount of knowledge from Stephanie through the experience of being an intern with Breeders’ Cup this year.

What advice would you give to other students looking to work in your field?

I would express to them to gain experiences in the field they are most wanting to go in so they can slowly begin to dwindle down what they specifically want to do through the process of elimination.

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