Faculty Spotlight: Meet Gail Hoyt

*Professor Hoyt, her husband, and son in Kenya in Summer 2019

Faculty Spotlight: Meet Professor Gail Hoyt

What classes Professor Hoyt has taught:

ECO201 for around 25 years, ECO201 for Global Scholars and Social Enterprise Scholars Pathway, ECO391, and ECO410.

Favorite class to teach:

Dr. Hoyt loves to teach ECO410. This class is about current issues in economics. They focus primarily on nonprofit organizations. In ECO410, they get to learn about six different nonprofits and how economics play a role in the organization. At the end of the semester, the class gets to donate to their favorite organization. She also enjoys teaching ECO201, Principles of Economics 1, because it is a very diverse class since over twenty majors at UK require the course. She is happy to be the professor to guide their economic literacy.

Best advice for taking her class:

Her best advice for taking her ECO201 is to stay on top of things consistently. Read the book as you go along, as well as take effective notes are key for success. To have success on exams you should actively study and apply models like supply and demand.

Why Professor Hoyt chose to be a professor:

While in school for her PhD for Economics at UK she was required to be a TA for a class. Professor Hoyt ended up loving being a TA, and this led her to pursuing a career as a Professor at UK.

Favorite restaurant:

Hacienda in Lexington!

UK Football or UK Basketball?

UK Basketball

What she did during her quarantine:

Professor Hoyt spent a lot of time getting ready for her classes, gardening, and binge-watching Game of Thrones.

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