It’s a Good Idea to Earn Academic Credit for your Internship!

You are eligible to earn academic credit for the work you are already doing at your internship site! B&E396 and B&E397 are specially designed for Gatton students to seamlessly earn up to 3 academic credits for experiential education experiences. If you already have an internship secured, follow the instructions listed on our website ( to enroll in the course.

Not sure if earning internship credit is right for you?

Unpaid internships must be taken for academic credit. If you are working an unpaid internship, you must be enrolled in a course for academic credit as part of the Department of Labor standards.

Don’t worry about the workload. It’s meant to provide professional development and support while you are working. You can expect assignments such as tailoring your resume to the industry you are targeting, posting to LinkedIn to share your accomplishments, and practicing behavioral based interviewing skills to sharpen your professional communication. This Pass/Fail course has assignments designed to help you make the most of your experience.

Enroll at any time. The internship seminar courses can be added to your schedule outside of the add/drop period for your traditional academic courses. If you received an internship offer after the semester has begun, you can still register for the course until midterms of the semester you would like to receive the credit!  

Each internship site is unique and each student has individual professional goals, so it’s always a good idea to schedule an appointment to talk with a career advisor about your plan to complete an internship while you are working towards your undergraduate degree. Even if you ultimately decide that earning academic credit for an internship isn’t for you, the Graham Office is always a resource to you while you are in the field. I look forward to working with you and joining you on your journey!

By Laura Herchenbach
Laura Herchenbach Internship Manager Laura Herchenbach