What can you do with an Econ Degree?

By: Olivia Oles


Many students when evaluating the Gatton majors commonly ask the question, “What can I do with an Econ degree?” After speaking with senior Gatton student Savina Williams, the question students should ask themselves is what can’t they do with an econ degree.  


Savina Williams knew she loved econ from her previous courses in High School. She felt drawn to social sciences such as economics. Savina is influenced equally by both the right and left sides of her brain and she found that economics mimics the way she looks at the world. It combines quantitative aspects found in business but also investigates more humanistic aspects such as rational decision-making. 


Savina will graduate with a dual major in Economics within the Gatton College of Business and International Studies within the College of Arts and Sciences. While Savina may have changed her major a few times throughout the years, Economics has always been a consistent major for her. 


With each of Savina’s new interests she discovered, she changed her education and professional paths. At one point, Savina Williams has been interested in or completed an internship in the following areas: Investment Banking, Trade Research, Data Analytics/ Statistics, and even has an interest in attending Graduate or Law School. She states that her Economics background allows her the flexibility to have interests in many different areas.


Savina suggests the best way to utilize an economics major is to discover and go deep into your interests. Then, try and pair economics with another major or minor that would make sense for your desired path. She suggests finding a niche and to not be afraid to create an education plan that is unorthodox. 

By GPA Team
GPA Team