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These 7 Interview Skills Will Help You Stand Out From the Pack

Having conducted hundreds of interviews—both mock interviews with career coaching clients and real interviews as part of search committees—and seen what the outcomes are, I can say with confidence that getting through the hiring process and landing a job is …

By Lily Zhang - The Muse
The Muse
Expert advice to answer your career questions.
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Internships/Careers For Marketing Majors

There are many paths that a student can take with a marketing major. Marketing consists of all the strategies companies use to promote the buying or selling of a product or service. This can include operations that contribute to the …

By GPA Team
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What can you do with an Econ Degree?

By: Olivia Oles


Many students when evaluating the Gatton majors commonly ask the question, “What can I do with an Econ degree?” After speaking with senior Gatton student Savina Williams, the question students should ask themselves is what can’t

By GPA Team
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All About Careers and Canes

Calling all Gatton Students! Are you curious about future job opportunities that your major may provide?

Or are you considering a major change, and want to know the career paths for your new major?

Then come to our Careers and …

By GPA Team
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Gatton Graduate Programs

Gatton Graduate Programs

By: Sarah Begley 

Master of Business Administration (MBA) 

One Year MBA Description: 

Achieve a versatile MBA in just one year. This full-time program is designed for recent graduates, young professionals and emerging leaders across all majors and …

By GPA Team
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