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Curious about Investment Banking?

Maybe you’re interested in investment banking or maybe you aren’t sure what that even means…either way, check out this great overview of what it means, what it takes, and what you need to consider to break in:


By Sarah Madison
Sarah Madison Director, Graham Office of Career Management Sarah Madison
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Perks and Benefits 101: Explanations and Questions to Ask Before You Take the Job

Once you’ve found a job and company that you’re really excited about, salary might top your list of priorities. But while salary is important, it’s only part of the overall offer. To get the full scope of what you’ll really …

By Erica Sweeney - The Muse
The Muse
Expert advice to answer your career questions.
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Commercial Real Estate Workshop

The Graham Office loves the opportunity to partner with Lee Webb, a Gatton alum and commercial real estate professional, on the Commercial Real Estate Internship and Pitch Competition every semester. Students can apply for consideration prior to each semester starting …

By Sarah Madison
Sarah Madison Director, Graham Office of Career Management Sarah Madison
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How to Prepare for the Career Fair (2021 Fall)

How to Prepare for the Career Fair 

By: GPA Staff 

Gatton students have two great opportunities to attend career fairs this fall! First up is the 2021 Fall Accounting Internship & Career Fair on Friday, September 10th. Following, the 2021 Fall Business, Communications, …

By Angie Evilia
Angie Evilia Career Advisor Angie Evilia
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How to Ask for a Promotion—and Get It

Asking for a promotion can be anxiety-inducing, but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, with the right preparation, asking for a promotion can be relatively stress-free. Also, it’s important to keep in mind that sometimes your manager is too busy to realize …

By Matt Casadona - Vault
A comprehensive resource for students and job seekers looking for career advice, job postings, company reviews from employees, and rankings of the best companies and industry employers.
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Jobs and internships in sports!

Most of the national franchises post their positions on

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