Course Credit for Internships

B&E 396 and B&E 397 internship reflection courses are available for any student completing a business internship. The courses are web-based and the content and assignments are managed on Canvas. If you have secured an internship and would like to receive academic credit, please submit an enrollment form on Handshake. Note: as a student, you are responsible for paying for internship courses for which you register. If a student is receiving academic credit, a student will be assessed tuition and fees at the appropriate rate. 

NOTE: experiences paired with B&E 396/397 must be career-based internships, which are distinct from common part-time employment opportunities (campus tutor, child-care provider, lawncare, retail, etc.) many college students pursue.  While such roles are very valuable, they cannot pair with B&E 396/397, as these courses impart college credit.  A member of the Graham Office of Career Management will review all experiences submitted for approval to ensure career-based internships, under the supervision of an employer-based internship supervisor, are being pursued.

Accounting students with full-time internships for the fall or spring semester are eligible to register for ACC 399, rather than B&E 397. ACC 399 is a Pass/Fail, 1 credit hour course, but counts as full-time.  Students whose ACC399 internship ends early in the semester may choose to enroll in ACC555 – Forensic Accounting & Fraud Examination (3 credit hours) in addition to ACC399. 

Steps to submit your enrollment form:

  • Login to Handshake using your LinkBlue username and password
  • Select the “Career Center” tab on the left-hand side
  • Select “Experience” and then “Submit an Experience” on the following page
  • Select B&E 396 or B&E 397 Internship under Experience Type
  • Complete the entire form for approval
  • Your enrollment form will be reviewed for approval within 48 hours

As internships do not always fall within the typical academic timeframe, students are able to enroll up until the mid-term point of the semester. Consult our Internship Course Guide (guidelines + checklists) to learn more about  the course options and the related guidelines for earning academic credit for an internship.

If you have specific questions about your internship or earning course credit, please email Graham’s Manager of Employer Relations, Hayley Hollenberg ( or schedule a time to chat through Handshake. In-person and Zoom appointments are available.